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Welcome to the  International Vaish Federation UK !

International Vaish Faderation is an international Organisation that unites a business community across the world. Its the wealthiest community of business traders originating from India, Lakshmi Mittal is from this community.

The Possibilities With IVF Are Endless:

International Vaish Federation is a worldwide social organization of the Vaish community people from all walks of life including Businessmen, Knowledge workers , Social workers and all other professionals reflecting the glory of ethical practice in life .

  • About 200 Million Vaish population worldwide

  • 7.5 % Vaish are connected in organized way

  • 3.2 % resources are shared among each other only

  • Join IVF for mutual benefit

    IVF invites and appeals fellow Vaish people from the world over to come together and become a united force as a Contributor, Collaborator and Co-worker for its objectives by joining your own global platform of IVF. With our combined network and united forces we can address and solve issues and make this planet a better place for living.

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IVF helps you to connect and grow:

  • Create stunning business opportunities

  • Connect to people you find interesting

  • Opportunity to explore relations

  • Taste touch of political agenda

  • Discover key to success with top people


Working together will give immense opportunities that you can

There is huge opportunity to progress, culturally, economically and socially. Take opportunity to en-cash on vision and efforts of leaders.